Step 5:

What Now?

hooped gauged earAfter you've stretched your ears and a few weeks have gone by with no troubles, you can consider your ears to be healed from your recent stretch! At this point, you can start wearing jewelry that is only recommended for healed stretches, such as silicone or organic materials (such as wood, bone or horn). You can start also start wearing double flared jewelry if your ears seem to be ready for it, but as always, don't force anything into your ears! Sometimes it can take much longer to accommodate double flared jewelry.

Your next stretch should only be done when your ears are undoubtedly healed from your last stretch. A waiting period of 1-2 months is a good guideline, but it is different for everyone! Pay attention to how your ears feel as you stretch, and always stop if you experience any pain or bleeding. It can be tempting to fight through pain because you want to move up in size, but remember... you only get one pair of earlobes, and stretching improperly can result in permanent damage! Always err on the side of caution.

Stretching is an awesome and rewarding form of body modification, and it requires patience and respect for your body. Stay safe!

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